While working for Sberbank, our team built the tools and technology that powers all data-related work within the sales department. This product was supposed to be used every day by managers who sell financial derivatives(business insurance) and our work had a direct and immediate impact on how good and fast sellers can do their work
The main difficulty was that the salesmen did not have a tool created for their workflow and to make sales, they had to manually filter databases, online tables, and request information from third-party services. In total, 5 external services were used at once, which in turn influenced the speed of signing new contracts and the speed was one of the main criteria since dozens of other banks competed for the user's attention
Business Analyst
Product Designer
Product Owner
A small team dedicated to this product was tasked with studying in detail the workflow of an entire department and analyzing the needs of each role during the sale of insurance products. With a big established design system, a detailed guidebook for each basic element (235 pages pdf), we had to come up with solutions that will follow those guidelines, a constrain which influenced the most the final visual design
We spent a lot of time with our regional sales managers and conducted user research to unveil the main problems of their existing selling experience. To identify these problems, different types of secondary and primary research methods were used:
— Interviews with stakeholders
— User Stories
— In-depth interviews & usability testing to observe real behavior
Based on reseach outcomes in-line with our business goals I came up with an information architecture (IA) that focused on daily working process of salemen, content discovery, as well as easy management of tasks and clients
Information Architecture. Release 1
User Stories + Release 1 Backlog
The job described above was made to create a product that will be a full-time working place for each seller and was supposed to carry a huge amount of information. You can take a look at the prototype(Ru) using the link below:
Invision prototype
Quick preview
Clients and the potential of a contract
Setting a sale limit
A list of actual tasks
Each manager has a list of clients assigned by the head of the department. After the data is processed by the system, it displays a list of product recommendations for each client. In addition to automatic recommendations, sellers can themselves study the potential of each contract
Each new sale goes through a series of approvals and each stage may include several steps and several people in charge. All these approvals, discussions, filling out the necessary documents are available within our product
Each employee of the sales department sees a list of tasks that are assigned to him as well as priority, history, necessary documents which are available for each of the tasks. The current status of tasks is duplicated on the main page
My work on this project ended at the prototype stage, which was supposed to be re-sent for second round of usability testing. The client company could not renew the contract with the studio in which I worked and all the product designers were recalled back. For me it was an interesting experience, in fact, one of the first in product design and it determined the further vector of my development in the creative field
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