BetBoom — one of the leaders in the Russian betting market. Last two years I worked with them on redesigning and relaunching of BetBoom in CIS area, Latin American and Australian markets, an effort which involved building new features and redesigns of existing ones
At first, the international website just duplicated the content of the Russian site. BetBoom decided to expand into new markets with a new offering by becoming a casual games aggregator.

Together with our research team, we came to the following idea: Since we are going to have thousands of games instead of those 10 we used to have, our website must facilitate the navigation on it and filter the content based on user's most popular preferences
The old visual language was strict and restrained, often fragmented. To add more emotions, make the interface aesthetically pleasing, and give it a unified style, together with our illustrator, we experimented over the new pseudo-3D illustrations
The new home page becomes a kind of filter, a signpost with directions for further movement, and the main difference from the old version of the site is the ability to accommodate a tenfold increase in the amount of content
BetBoom mobile. New version
The results of my collaboration with our illustrators
The process of playing slots is a monotonous process until the moment when a winning combination appears. In online poker, professional players play multiple tables at the same time to increase the number of hands played. We decided to introduce similar functionality to our website. Playing 2-4 games at the same time gets you more opportunities to see the cherished “777”. In order to not interrupt the game process, we have added the ability to minimize the game window while navigating the site
Previously, balance replenishment was possible only from the personal account page, and in order to make a deposit, the user had to go deep into the site`s informational architecture. To simplify this process, we have added the ability to replenish the balance directly in the header and now players can make a deposit even while being in a game
To add retention value for our active users, we have changed the bonus offer and made more emphasis on the process of getting/wagering it. Users can see when there are new offers for them, which in turn increases the conversion of bonuses activation. The new section "Bonuses" inside the Personal Account brings to the fore all the unique gifts that we are ready to give our users for an active play. Subsections of "Active" and "Finished" bonuses make it possible to track the progress of wagering and getting real money from the company's promos
This is just a part of what I have done while working with Betboom and more stuff is still in progress, but I hope you got the idea :) Check my other projects (Payhub for example) if you want to see my process instead of visuals or visit my Dribbble account to see more of my visual experiments
Parallel game functionality
Desktop and mobile screens
Few promo steps from the moment of registration to the moment of the first deposit
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